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LED Floodlight EcoMax G2 10W/19W
December 12, 2019
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LED Floodlight EcoMax G2 30W/50W/70W
December 12, 2019

Universal T8 LED Tube


  • Always use the Universal Tube in combination with a ballast
  • One fits all, compatible with all electronic & magnetic ballasts
  • True plug & play LED tube solution
  • Safety end cap to ensure complete safe installation
  • Very short lamp cap
  • Unique patented ‘oneTLed’ technology
  • High efficacy up to 125 lm/W
  • Energy saving up to 65%
  • Lamp not suitable for emergency operation

Use on dimmable ballast might effect lifetime of the lamp and/or ballast
The light output can differ depending on the luminaire and/or driver used