About Us

About Us

About Opple Lighting

Opple is glowing every corner of Pakistan and China with their finest Opple LED lights, Opple LED Bulbs. Opple is a leading LED light manufacturer based in China with their supply in many countries like Dubai, UEA and Pakistan etc. with the prime purpose of customer satisfaction, Opple offers an extensive array of products to cater to the needs of our diverse clients and customers like LED Downlights, slim downlights. Whether it’s a small room of a house, an office, restaurant, hotel or a mansion, opple LEDs are the best fit to lighten up the places with a pleasant and comfortable aesthetics.

International growth and achievements

Opple occupies professional and skilled experts to manufacture error-free products enriched with upgraded features and functions. Moreover, the research and development are working to develop such a product which meets the demand of the international market also. We are proudly serving with the top quality, energy efficient and durable LED lights that fit with the environment of 50 countries, we are serving to.

Our commitment to innovation

To cater the rising demand of end users, opple workforce is dedicated to bring innovation in the products with creativity. We are striving to keep ourselves at the forefront in the world market and manufacture energy efficient LED technology.